GIM video guideline

This video covers Guardium Installation Manager installation, configuration and administration.

Chapters timeline:

  1. Introduction 0’00”
  2. GIM installation 3’14”
  3. GIM self-upgrade 7’36”
  4. GIM deinstallation 12’07”
  5. GIM failover configuration 13’42”
  6. GIM deinstallation from data node 17’09”
  7. GIM in listener mode 18’14”
  8. GIM listener discovery and group activation 20’41”
  9. GIM reconfiguration 23’46”
  10. GIM report and GRDAPI calls 27’19”
  11. GIM Authentication 34’12”
  12. Installation with auto_set_tapip 42’35”
  13. Modules management 44’03”
  14. GIM on Windows 47’30”
  15. GIM troubleshooting  – network problems 53’52”
  16. GIM troubleshooting – GIM restart 54’37”
  17. GIM troubleshooting – configuration file modification 55’12”
  18. GIM troubleshooting – central log 57’03”
  19. GIM troubleshooting – managing standalone STAP installation by GIM 59’13”
  20. GIM troubleshooting – global parameters 63’00”
  21. GIM troubleshooting – process respawn 64’19”
  22. GIM troubleshooting – IP-PR status 66’26”
  23. Dynamic groups in GIM – 67’45”



GIM is very useful service. Eases Guardium implementation, administration and has effect of lowering TCO. It is implemented secure way in Client-Server architecture.

Some portal places wait for rebuilding to use new framework – module parameters settings especially.


Guardium definitions – GIM reports (Clients Status and Installed Modules) with assigned GRDAPI functions and mapped attributes, GIM Dashboard (All 4 important reports together, refer to reports attached as first position)

Network ports list used in the Guardium communication –

GIM module states (Querying module states) –

Using sudo during GIM installation –

Agent convention naming –

Operating system upgrade –

How To Install GIM Client On Unix Server? –

Uninstall Guardium UNIX S-TAP and GIM manually –

GIM Server Allocation –


GIM is not available on z/OS (zLinux is supported) and iSeries (aka AS/400).

Hidden reporting domains, no possibility to modify reports and create alerts based on it.



I am using sudo to install GIM – the sudoers file configuration is not a part of Guardium.


We have 2 GRDAPI commands responsible for module uninstallation:

gim_uninstall_module – allows remove pointed module in define date on clientIP

If date is omitted the module is set for deinstallation but second command can initiate it – gim_schedule_uninstall – in defined date


It is also possible the installation of STAP from command line with self-registration in GIM service. This article describes it and assumes that GIM client has been installed and registered before –




2 thoughts on “GIM video guideline

  1. Florin FILE MITITA says:


    I have two quotations : I install S-TAP on two servers but when i check i saw the servers in green state in GIM Process Monitor, but i can not “see” the databases. I have on both servers SQL DB.
    And the second question, in GDPR template , is it possible to add or edit some fields ? For example for Romania we don’t have any pattern and we need to customize in order to can add for exmple the National id.

    Thank you


    • 1st question – do you see STAP and is it green? What do you see in the Inspection Engine list – the MSSQL instances should discovered without problem.
      2nd question – do you ask about classification, policy or reports?
      I suggest find me on Linked In and continue discussion there.


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